Jaskaran Singh - A successful Investor of Dubai

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Mr. Jaskaran Singh, An Investor, An entrepreneur, and socializer. Mr. Jaskaran is a socially driven personality who believe that success comes if you have good interactions and connections in a society. His lifestyle includes meeting a lot of people and keeping his social circle on a boost.

He comes from a background of a rich business family in India. He completed his MBA in Marketing in India and worked in the United Kingdom in 2007. Jaskaran always had a corner of interest in Real Estate which he further gave thoughts to finally invest in. Every successful investor is driven by numbers (Return on Investment) and the same aspect pulled him to invest in the high returning market of Dubai. India, with a glimmering percentage of 51% has secured his place as the number 1 foreign investor in Dubai. In the last 5 years alone, India has invested AED 8.65 Billion in the real estate which is a promising number to influence foreign investment in Dubai.

He made his move to Dubai in 2012 & his eager to invest increased after his glance at the propelling glare of Dubai real estate. His prime journey of investment started with investing in multiple properties in Executive Towers, Business Bay, Dubai. Just in a short span of time, the property value increased by 40% on which he decided to sell them on a good profit. By 2015, He was already owning around 25 properties. His business methodology is to keep the cash inflow and not to hold it. He sold many properties for a high profit and invested further to keep the cash moving while he was gaining good rental returns.

According to him, “When I invest in a property, I have two primary objectives. One is to gain rental returns and 2nd is capital appreciation. The moment I feel that my capital appreciation is proportionately higher than my rental returns, I will simply cash out. Once I cash out, I invest in another property while I have the profit cut from the previous one I sold.”

Jasakaran, along with the profits, faced various barricades when the real estate market went down in 2016. Even with such critical times, He never gave up on the dream as an investor. Just in a year, the market was back on the profit rails and so was his journey. Jaskaran now holds above 15 properties in Dubai in his investment portfolio with a scope of investing in more.

“You can not be successful if you are not a people’s person. You have to have your social circle and a gleaming name in the market. The more people you socialize with, the higher the chance of success will hit your doorstep”

“I believe that Dubai is an amazing platform for investment as the return on investment ratio is pretty high as compared to multiple other cities. Plus, there is no taxation on income so I don’t see a reason not to invest in Dubai. You just need to know the right time, the right property & the right person who can advise you on your investments”

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