Mr. Sunil, Self-made Multimillionaire

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Mr. Sunil Patel, a self-made & self-educated multimillionaire born in West London who dropped out of college in 1997 because he didn’t like the educational system. He became a millionaire by investing in Real Estate from a student loan in London.

“Lots of companies approached me with investment opportunities, but I liked working with Range. They never pushed me to buy but actually cared for my concern & this is where I decided to work with them and bought 2 villas in Villanova”

“Range agents have invested in Properties in Dubai for their own families. So if they are buying for their families, it means you are in right hands”

“As I look forward to working with Range for my future investments, I would like to add, there is always a risk in business, but if you don’t take a risk in life, you will always stay where you are. You have to do what others don’t do in order to have what others don’t have. I don’t believe working 9-5 but a real entrepreneur works from start to finish. Don’t be scared if you are a new investor in Dubai. It is very easy to invest in Dubai as compared to other countries. In Dubai, the system is very fair and provides a great opportunity to earn millions in an ethical way. Wish you all the BEST”

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